Courageous Conversations
As a Certified Daring Way™Facilitator and Coach, I serve as a 1:1 Coach for workshop participants.Karen and Peter deLacy created deLacy Associates ( after decorated careers at the CIA as a way to help individuals and organizations be better leaders and improve workplace cultures.As a Certified Daring Way™Facilitator and ICF Coach, I have partnered with deLacy Associates to provide 1:1 coaching to workshop participantsThe workshop is a live online workshop with sequenced executive coaching sessions built-in. Building High Performing Teams Through Courageous Conversations will help each member of your team be more capable at hard conversations. Each time a team member has the courage to hold a hard conversation they’re showing a commitment to the team’s overall success; research shows that courageous conversations are necessary for innovative, engaged, and inclusive teams and organizations. The effects of COVID on individual and meaningful team engagement further underscore the importance of this skill-set today and moving forward.Building High Performing Teams Through Courageous Conversations focuses on courage-building skill-sets and practical tools needed for success.




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The Maori believe the Paua shell will bring connectivity and harmony to relationships. The way the colors of the shell shift in the light is also a symbol of change and transition.